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Viking concrete on Jelling Mounds in Jutland


The village of Jelling in Denmark is known for its Viking Age ruins dating back to the 1100s. A new monument area was recently created around the Jelling burial mounds in Jutland using Graphic Concrete. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark inaugurated the new monument area on 10 September 2013. Jelling Mounds is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
The site stretches across 10 hectares and includes the ruins of a Viking church and three burial mounds as well as two gigantic runic stones. A path made of 384 graphic concrete tiles circulates the area, taking visitors from one part of the ruins to the next. The path imitates the site’s recently discovered palisade – a fence of wooden stakes used as a defensive structure – with majestic vertical poles rising from the tiles. It was constructed using white cement and local natural gravel. 

The monument area was designed by one of Denmark’s most renowned artists,  Ingvar Cronhammar. He is a celebrated pioneer of environmental art, best known for his monumental sculptures and installations that often refer to architecture. Kristine Jensen Architects from Denmark collaborated with Ingvar Cronhammar on the project. 
More information  www.jellingmonumenterne.dk.