Vejle Sygehus Hospital


Graphic Concrete Vejle Sygehus Hospital

Vejle Hospital is a public hospital with over 20.000 patients every year. The hospital has several times been rewarded as leading within new treatment methods and the hospital has been elected as the best place to treat cancer patients in Denmark for tree years running.

The Graphic Concrete pattern Stripes horizontal circles the building facade. Notable is how beautiful and precise the corners can be made when using Graphic Concrete.

Architecture: Arkitektfirmaet TKT
Color: Light
Pattern: GC-Collection™ Stripes
Prefabrication: Ambercon A/S
Address: Kabbeltoft 257100 Vejle
Type: Medical Building
Year: 2010
Photo: Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete Vejle Sygehus Hospital
Graphic Concrete Vejle Sygehus Hospital

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