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Meet the new leader of our team, Tatiana Meyer


We have a new leader – Tatiana – in Graphic Concrete. She has been nominated as Vice President and Head of the Architectural and Design Consultant Team. She started on Monday 18th November. We are very excited to introduce her and share her stories.

Tatiana originally comes from Nancy in France. She studied architecture at the  Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nancy architecture school and also spent two years studying at the  Fachhochschule and working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with the Erasmus programme. She has diverse work experience, not only in architecture but also in sales, project management and product development. Before coming to Finland, she worked as an architect in France and Austria. In Finland, she worked for two Finnish construction material manufacturers – first in Inwido, which is Europe's largest windows group, and later in Koskisen, which manufactures wooden products. She worked in their birch plywood and chipboard panel industry, where she was in charge of Decorative Projects Management and Technical Customer Support Management for Decorative Products for four years. She likes to implement her architectural knowledge and expertise into real production and industry. She also enjoys working with people and is always eager to learn new things.

You would not believe her story about how she started with concrete. Her grandfather, who had his own company as a house builder, was the one who introduced her to concrete. When she was young, she used to help him mix the concrete to build her parents’ house. She also always liked using concrete as a building material – and it shows in her architectural work. 

So far, she has been in Finland for six years, and what she mostly likes is the good work-life balance. In France, people will work until very late and stick with a traditional two-hour lunch break. She prefers this more effective working style. She loves outdoor activities, and so there is no doubt that Finland is the perfect place for her to be outside with her family. However, it is no surprise that she misses food from France – and the “French cuisine”. It is especially hard to find good bakeries here in Finland, unlike in France where you can find one on every corner! That said, she enjoys living here and has even learnt how to downhill ski to make the most out of the long winters!

Now that she has started at Graphic Concrete (GC), she would initially like to understand the concept and the concrete industry in general. She believes that the company and GC products have huge potential. With our GC team, she would like to create growth for both the company and herself! We cannot wait for her active and positive vibe to influence in our team. 

Welcome, Tatiana!