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St. Vincent De Paul Parish Hall Addition


Graphic Concrete St Vincent de Paul

The specialty medallion, made of Graphic Concrete, is a key focal point of the project. The custom graphic for it was designed by the private school’s art teacher, allowing for an unprecedented amount of owner input / engagement on the project.

Some cities require that a certain percentage of the cost of some new construction projects go toward specialty art installations. A custom designed Graphic Concrete pattern is a perfect implementation of this requirement, yielding impressive end results that are a permanent part of the final project.

Architecture: RDG Planning and Design
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own
Developer: Mecco Henne Construction 
Prefabrication: Enterprise Precast Concrete, Inc.
Address: Omaha, NE
Type: Religious Building
Year: 2019
Photo: Shawn Wentworth of Enterprise Precast Concrete

Graphic Concrete St Vincent de Paul