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Graphic Concrete Newsletter: GFRC

The Graphic Concrete technology can be used with different types of prefabricated concrete panels. In this newsletter we will focus on light ventilated facades and interior design applications; projects where traditional heavy precast might not be suitable.  

Various types of slim and light concrete panels can be transformed into something unique and amazing by adding a Graphic Concrete pattern or image. It can be a floor, a wall, or a ceiling. The Graphic Concrete technology is easy to implement in the panel production and it does not require any certain thickness of the panel. The panels will stay as thin and light as possible, even when patterned. Take a look below and get inspired. The only limit to what we can achieve is your imagination! 
Graphic Concrete GRC Sample Slabs

Semba Center Building, Osaka

Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Chapel, Rezé, France

Plejecenter Sønderhaven Senior Center, Denmark

Crevin Upper Secondary School, Crevi, France

Pennfäktaren, Office Building Entrance, Stockholm, Sweden

General Electric Office, Milan, Italy

Intersection New York, New York, USA