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The Graphic Concrete technology allows you to impart durable patterns and images on any precast concrete surface. Though we might be the ones providing the means, it is the local precast concrete producer that will do the prefabrication work that actually make the beautiful projects come alive. 

In this special issued newsletter edition, we would like to highlight one of our most successful graphic concrete producer partners, Rudus Ämmän Betoni Oy, hereinafter called Ämmän Betoni. The projects made by Ämmän Betoni does not only show the highest prefabrication skills, but also the company philosophy such as customer-centred working approach and continuous development and improvement to face future challenges. Since these goals are very similar to ours, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with this highly professional company. This fruitful collaboration has been proven by successful projects that we are excited to share with you in this newsletter.

Historic inspiration with highly processed prefabrication: Skanska Headquarters Building

If you are driving along the Mannerheimintie street in Helsinki, you cannot miss the construction company Skanska's Headquarters Building. It is surely capturing people’s attention due to the curiously patterned Graphic Concrete façade!

The pattern tells a story of a growing, ever continuing city. This pattern was inspired by the historic “Nolli Map of Rome” drawn in the 1700s. The detailing of the pattern is amazing; every delicate line is perfectly drawn on the surface of the durable concrete. Because of the excellent prefabrication work of Ämmän Betoni, we can be really proud of this sophisticated Flagship building.

Collaborative and continuous development, Länsisatamankatu 23 Residential Building

Most people wonder where the Graphic Concrete is hidden in this residential building, since there are no visible patterns. This very attractive building highlights the inherent beauty of concrete with a clever combination of smooth concrete with different grades of shininess. The white concrete facades features three different treatments of the concrete surface; shiny polished, velvety smooth, and sandpaper-like sandblasted concrete. The velvety soft surface was made by casting on top of a graphic concrete paper without any pattern on it.

The different surface structures reflect light in a different way, making the façade an interesting puzzle. Due to the differences in surface porosity, the panels will change character over time.  This building was rewarded the Finnish Concrete Structure of the Year 2014-award for its sophisticated and demanding architectural and structural design and high-quality implementation.

Skillful use of concrete and effective cooperation of all parties involved created a technically successful and expressive architectural entity.

Less limitation more benefits

Although Graphic Concrete can transform any pattern or image to a concrete surface, using a basic repetitive pattern is a true winner. Our ready-made GCCollection patterns are easy to use and proven to work well in concrete.

The  Kuopion Majakka Residential Building features the pattern IKAT; which has become one of the most popular patterns of our own pattern collection.  The horizontal lines in the pattern hide the precast element joints, transforming the precast facade into one big dark elegant surface. 

Vantaan Astrum is a newly completed residential building. The pattern used is another very popular GCCollection pattern named VERTICES. The pattern was slightly changed to fit the panel division exactly.  As you can see, the result is perfect, creating a custom-made impression. When using our Collection patterns, you can make small adjustments for no extra cost. We want your project to stay in budget and still look its best. 

As a contrast to the previous references, the residential projects  Vantaan Laventeli, Vantaan Lipstikka, Omenapuisto and Vantaan Jousi have fully custom-made patterns.  These projects show a variety of ways to use Graphic Concrete; only your imagination sets the limits!

A successful completed project is indeed the most important sales argument says Jukka Kyllönen, the CEO of Ämmän Betoni. When all parties involved in the planning and execution of the project start collaboration at an early stage the success in granted. 

The Graphic Concrete technical guidelines, testing activities and consulting services enables the high quality we are striving to achieve.  During the years we have worked with  335 concrete plants in 32 countries. On our website,  we have listed precasters that have worked on our featured reference projects.  If you don´t find a suitable precaster here, please feel free to contact us; there are many more that we can warmly recommend!

If you have inquiries about a project, either completed or coming, please contact the country responsible


Rudus Ämmän Betoni Oy
Rudus Ämmän Betoni Oy was founded in 1956 as Ämmän Betoni and became part of the Rudus Group at the end of 2019. They specialize in highly processed concrete products such as demanding façade elements, column elements, beam elements, wall elements, ready-mixed concrete and balconies. The production plant is situated in Suomussalmi and the customers are mostly from the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Read more about Rudus Ämmän Betoni Oy.

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