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Season's Greetings & Never ending stories

Holiday season comes but our stories never end.  

This edition features our tips and key factors to help you achieve textured surface and color on your concrete surface.

How to design a surface texture patterns for graphic concrete

Figurative patterns work well with graphic concrete, but if you just wish to leave an expression of a surface, then you should think about the pattern as texture surface. 

A well-functioning graphic concrete pattern however requires some knowledge regarding repetition, contrast and the design attributes specific to the graphic concrete technology. 

Please read on to get to know the key issues.

Concrete in color

Graphic concrete is quite often considered as grey, white or black/white surface. And all though the most common and safest way to get color to concrete is sticking to only cement and aggregates, there are ways to get more colors, sometimes we just need more vivid colors to brighten up the day,  façade or the environment.

So let’s make a call for concrete colors.

Niittysillankulma 1 Residential Building

Niittysillankulma residential building is a good example to show the surface that can make the building interesting. The ultimate contrast of black and white color as well as geometric patterns make it even more attractive. Let's take a look!

Meet a new Managing Director, Antti Soikkeli

We have a new Managing Director. Meet Antti Soikkeli. To build a stable and strong team spirit, he leads the team and manages operative matters in GC since the beginning of November. Antti has extensive working experience and expertise in the field of construction, sales, management and software business. Antti, welcome onboard!