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Graphic Concrete Samspillet Musicon Roskilde

Samspillet Musicon located in Roskilde, Denmark is a commercial building having an astonishing facade of Graphic Concrete. The construction was completed in 2021 and it had big attention from locals with the outstanding outcome and its interesting stories behind it. This building consists of 6 floors having approx. 4 800 m2 with terraces, balconies on all floors, and open environments accessible for people for having lunch and meetings. 

The building is designed by a well-known Danish architect firm, Arkitema and produced by CRH Concrete. The image on the facade was created by a German-Danish sculptor and visual artist, Christian Lemmerz.

The name, ‘Samspillet’ refers to a special meaning of playing music together in Danish. The window alignment was motived by music rhyme, like notes. As a design concept of building, the architects considered two distinctive identities of the city of Roskilde. This area has a hippy, alive and contemporary atmosphere including lots of young people around. Also, there was an old concrete factory in this area and the architects tried to transform the area into new living places. So, the name ’Musicon’ was derived from 'Music' and ‘Concrete'.

The architect wanted to build a house using concrete, and emphasis on playing concrete since it used to be a concrete factory. There is a contrary - concrete is a raw material and cold, so the building out of concrete gives a cold feeling but people and activities make them warm and alive. The architects provided a frame, and people and activities filling the space would show their personalities.

“The building was delivered last spring. Everyone has moved in and the owner and user of the building are very happy for the result.” - Architect Jeanette Amby at Arkitema K/S

“It is a good result we made there, and there has also been a local interest for the building, so it has been in the newspaper in Roskilde. So you can be proud 😊. Good job! And thank you for your help with this. It is one of the good projects that I always remember. I hope we get some new projects again.” - Project leader Ole Steiniche Rasmussen at CRH Concrete

Architecture: Arkitema K/S
Color: Grey cement & Black aggregates
Pattern: Designer's own
Designer: Christian Lemmerz
Developer/Constructor: Jensen & Nielsen Byggeri
Prefabrication: CRH Concrete
Address: Erhvervshuset Samspillet, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
Type: Commercial Building
Year: 2021
Photo: CRH Concrete

Graphic Concrete Samspillet Musicon Roskilde
Graphic Concrete Samspillet Musicon Roskilde
Graphic Concrete Samspillet Musicon Roskilde

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