Pihlajalaakso Sound Barrier


Graphic Concrete Pihlajalaakso Sound Barrier

Birch tree patterned Sound Barrier next to freeway adds vitality and serenity to the landscape. The anti-graffiti treatment after installation ensures minimal attraction of dust and dirt.    A sustainable, permanent and beautiful solution reducing traffic noise impact on housing area.

Architecture: Ramboll Finland
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own Repeating pattern
Design: Teemu Matilainen / Ramboll Finland Oy and Graphic Concrete
Prefabrication: Betonimestarit Oy
Address: Valtatie 5, Pihlajalaakso, Kuopio
Type: Infrastructure and Non-Building Structures
Year: 2014
Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio

Graphic Concrete Pihlajalaakso Sound Barrier
Graphic Concrete Pihlajalaakso Sound Barrier

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