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Season’s Greetings from Graphic Concrete

The year 2020 has been exceptional in many ways. We have adapted to new ways of working and new ways to care about the people around us. Even though we might not meet in person for a while, we are still here to support every one involved in a Graphic Concrete project. We are inspired and empowered by the beautiful projects that you create. In this newsletter we would like to share some inspirational concrete stories with you – this time from Germany and Norway.

Dresden, Germany proudly presents “One of the best microscopy rooms in the world today”

Dresden Center for Nanoanalytics (DCN) has extended the research and institute building with a state of the art space where electronics researchers, computer scientists, physicists and other experts research the nano electronics of the future. This awarded building is not only a technological masterpiece but also a stunningly beautiful work of Graphic Concrete.

Tau Shopping Center R13: Style with a historical twist

At the R13 Shopping Center in Tau, Norway, the amazing Graphic Concrete gives an identity and elevates the architectural experience of the area. Very precise precast work adds to the joy when we look at this project. The patterns has their origin in the Tau history but are realized as modern and stylish designs. We think the result is stunning!

Why Graphic Concrete?

In many Nordic countries, precast concrete construction is quite commonly considered something ugly and cheap. This perception dates back to the 1970s when concrete element construction was largely introduced in housing. Already at the beginning of the eighties, the quality of these environments rose to be a common concern. The negative perception still prevails today, even though it is far outdated.


Finland showing the way for change

Finland is a small country on a global scale, but can still be considered a global superpower when it comes to tech innovation. Some 20 years ago, a Finnish research and development project was launched in cooperation with leading concrete- paper- and printing specialists. The result came to be Graphic Concrete, a surface treatment for precast concrete that enabled designers, precasters and investors around the world to enjoy precast concrete like they never had before.

The Graphic Concrete technology allows any custom - or stock pattern to be transferred to a precast concrete surface. Its competitive edge derives from improved industrial safety, cost - effectiveness, and endless design alternatives. No matter if your project is industrial, educational, commercial, environmental or residential - as long as it is precast concrete you can make a stunning impression with Graphic Concrete.

Various aggregates and pigments dramatically expand the possibilities of the finished concrete surface.


We want to work with you!

If you want to learn more, please join us for our Educational Webinar, Thursday, December 10th at 11-12 EET (Helsinki). 

Whatever your role is; - designer, developer, or precast producer - we will tell you what you need to know in order to start working with Graphic Concrete. After attending our seminar you will be ready to put your learning into practice.
Education is the driving force for success.

If you are in the United States and want to earn CEU credits, you can take our course HERE

Wishing each and everyone Safe and Relaxing Winter Holidays! 

Our team will help make your Graphic Concrete project a success. Please contact us with what ever questions you might have!