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Stay safe and overcome difficulties together!

It is quite a tough time for all of us due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic situation. Each day brings new and unprecedented developments, which can have a significant impact on business and personal lives. So far the work continues normally here at Graphic Concrete. Even though we might work at a home office, it is business as usual. This is new ground for all of us. We wish you all the best in these difficult times. To move up to an active and positive vibe, we would like to share some good news.

PCI 2020 Design Award for innovative technology : Performing Arts Center At Murphysboro High School, USA

Architecture: Hurst-Rosche, Hillsboro, Ill
Colour: Light
Pattern: GCCollection
Prefabrication: Enterprise Precast Engineering, Omaha, Nebraska.
Photo Credit: Enterprise Precast Concrete and Jacia Phillips l Arch Photo KC
Address: Murphysboro Community Unit School District 186, Murphysboro, Ill.
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2019

Performing Arts Center At Murphysboro High School has received a special award: Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award by Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). This award has highlighted the special features of this project as one of the first and largest to use the Graphic Concrete technology in the US.

The forest pattern, one of Graphic Concrete’s well-known own patterns, spans 1850 m2 (19,880 ft²) of insulated composite precast concrete sandwich panels. A tree pattern was selected for specific and strategic reasons. The lead design architect on the project wanted to bring the tree-lined roadways that come into the school onto the auditorium to try and continue that “park” like feel to the new building.

For more information on this project, please see the following link and video.

Tech meets arts: DigiPlex Datacenter, Norway

Architecture: Mad Arkitekter
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own
Prefabrication: Kynningsrud Prefab AS
Address: 9, Heiaveien, 1900 Fetsund, Norway
Type: Industrial Building
Year: 2015

The DigiPlex Data Centre located in Fetsund, Noway, is featured with state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading energy efficiency. The data centre has been purpose-built for a single customer to meet the digital demands of the future; the facility features two-three story, air-cooled buildings, each with the capacity for 20 000 servers. The buildings’ façades consist of prefabricated concrete wall panels. The distinctive Graphic Concrete pattern complement the area surrounding this multiple award-winning project.

The Drop, a new landmark of city: Imatra Theatre, Finland

Architecture: Imatran Arkkitehtuuritoimisto
Color: Dark
Pattern: Designer's own
Design: Landys Roimola
Developer: Imatran YH-Rakennuttaja
Prefabrication: me Joutsenon Elementti
Address: Kallenkuja 3
Type: Civic Building
Year: 2017

The new theatre building in the centre of Imatra, Finland gave the residences a new landmark: a 17-metre tall precast Graphic Concrete stage tower. Artist Landys Roimola designed the artwork, called The Drop. The theme was a natural choice, with water and the rapids known as the symbols of the town of Imatra. Small water drops make up the background pattern on the beautiful façade. 150 larger concrete drops complete the artwork; each one separately cast and attached. When looking closely, you can see that each drop tells a story related to theatre.

Wow, it's a crocodile : Tikkurila Day Care, Finland

Architecture: Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy
Colour: LightPattern: Designer's own
Prefabrication: SBS Betoni Oy
Address: Neilikkatie 3 01300 Vantaa
Type: Educational Building
Year: 2019

It is pretty exciting to introduce such an adorable project as Tikkurila Day Care, located in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. This daycare, that opened in November 2019, has been designed by Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy and prefabricated by SBS Betoni Oy, Finland. It has been highlighted in Media because of its special features; it is an unusual 3-story daycare centre with an even more unusual crocodile slide as a landmark. The giant Graphic Concrete crocodile slide in the yard has been picked as THE favourite place by the children. It is so great to hear the children's compliments! If you would like to read more about the the Tikkurila Day Care project and the fascinating story about this crocodile, please check out our blog.