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New era & new possibilities

Trees are becoming greener and flowers are blooming. The summerly vibe makes us active and alive. Although it was a big challenge and struggle for all during the pandemic, we have found that these also arose new perspectives on Graphic Concrete application. Here are our stories to share.

There is power in subtlety

If you appreciate timeless, clean design, subtle expression and homogenous materials, this writing is for you. It’s time to elevate a way of using graphic concrete as a surface texture. The surface textures and subtle patterned surfaces stand the test of time in more ways than the words literal meaning, as the patterns are not tied to the prevailing design trends. These textures highlight and support the architecture in a sophisticated manner.

Struggles faced, but new possibilities arose

Samspillet Musicon is a commercial building having an astonishing facade with Graphic Concrete located in Roskilde, Denmark. The construction was completed in 2021, and it has gotten big attention from locals with the outstanding outcome and the interesting stories behind it. This building consists of 6 floors having approx. 4800 m2 space with terraces, balconies on all floors, and open environments accessible for people for having lunch and meetings. The building is designed by a well-known Danish architect firm, Arkitema and produced by CRH Concrete. The image on the facade was created by a German-Danish sculptor and visual artist, Christian Lemmerz. Close-ups of concrete surfaces are varied - smooth and exposed surfaces give different material feeling. The final result of the Graphic Concrete part is astonishing!

A performance as strong as Concrete

In the Olympics, we have seen great achievements, especially from the Finnish ski team! @IivoNiskanen deserves a special mention not only for his achievements but also for showing a true Olympic spirit. Inspired by the Olympics, we had a chat with former cross-country world champion Matti Heikkinen about a ski-related piece of art that he has in his home - made of precast Graphic Concrete. We join Matti in his Congratulations to the whole Finnish Olympic team: Your performance is as strong as concrete!

We will bring more good news and share it with you soon again. Have a lovely summer!

summer greeting 2022