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Graphic Concrete in Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture would give different breaths in the surroundings. Recently, Graphic Concrete has met remarkable landscape projects in the park, museums, residential areas, and world heritage sites all over the world. Sounds exciting? Let's take a look!

Kalkparken i Faxe, Faxe

UPOPOY National AINU Museum and Park, Hokkaido

Tervapääskynen Residential Building, Helsinki

Jelling Monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jelling

Kockums Park, Malmö

Viertola Wall, Vantaa

Army Flying Museum, Memorial Wall, Hampshire

Töölönlahti Park Pavers, Helsinki

Minamikebukuro Park, Tokyo

Joensuun Poiju Residential Building, Joensuu

Vantaa Kurjenmiekka and Lipstikka Housing, Vantaa