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Espoo Hospital


Graphic Concrete Espoo Hospital

Espoo Hospital is a fine example of how Graphic Concrete can be used on large concrete element surfaces. The pattern creates an interesting facade while also concealing the vertical seams between the elements.

“Graphic Concrete offered the perfect solution for designing both the large surfaces of the parking garage and the small surfaces in the courtyards – it allowed me to design on both a big scale and a small scale. When viewed up close the pattern reveals the point raster, but as you move away the vertical lines take precedence. When viewing the entire building, the horizontal appearance is emphasised by the horizontal seams that divide the pattern. Graphic Concrete patterns make it possible to either conceal or highlight the seams between the elements, as you prefer,”

Architect Mikko Soini, Tommila Architects

Architecture: Arkkitehdit Tommila,
Co architecture: VPL-Arkkitehdit
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own Repeating pattern
Developer: Lujatalo
Prefabrication: Lujabetoni Oy
Address: Vanha Turuntie 150, Espoo, Finland
Type: Medical Building
Year: 2016
Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio 

Graphic Concrete Espoo Hospital
Graphic Concrete Espoo Hospital
Graphic Concrete Espoo Hospital
Graphic Concrete Espoo Hospital