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Design Sustainability

A vast amount of the ecological impact of a product is decided at the design stage. The design is not only about the materials used, it also influences the longevity of the product; how the product is used, if it is maintained, recycled, or simply wasted.

We work with concrete, which is one of the most widely used substances on our planet. Love it or hate it, many engineers argue that there is no viable alternative.

At Graphic Concrete we work for sustainability by enabling aesthetic quality. A durable, elaborated and aesthetically attractive precast concrete structure will motivate owners and users to maintain the building and the surfaces as well as possible, facilitating the longevity of the structure.

When it is time for a change, our aim is to have owners opt for renovation instead of demolition. We believe that high quality design is key when talking about sustainable solutions.

Graphic Concrete Patterns

The final Graphic Concrete patterns have an exposure depth of only 1-2 mm. This means there is no need for structural changes, such as increased panel thickness. The amount of concrete is always kept to a minimum and the panels stay as light and slim as possible, even when patterned.

Graphic Concrete Membrane

Less panel weight also affects the transportation and installation in a positive way.

Graphic Concrete Membrane on molding
Graphic Concrete Casting

High-quality precast concrete is potentially reusable. If this is considered early in the design phase the precast concrete can be disassembled, moved and re-erected.

Graphic Concrete Casted wall

A durable and aesthetically attractive concrete surface will remain for a long time before the need for transformation will occur. 

Graphic Concrete Casted wall

Our product, a special paper used in the precast production, is safe to work with and does not emit any harmful substances. This CO2 neutral paper is made of mostly Finnish wood, using 100% green energy. A clean paper can be recycled as normal energy waste. 

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Graphic Concrete Team

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