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Architecture that invites to touch, feel, and explore

The primary role of museums is to engage and educate the community. A museum should create visitor experiences that inspire interest in what ever is exhibited - but it should also inspire visitors to return. Much effort is put int the layout and exhibition design, but as important is creating an attractive building envelope. The building should reflect a message to the passers by, rise their curiosity and invite them for a spontaneous visit.

We at Graphic Concrete embrace spontaneity and its incorporation in the urban landscape. We have often seen that a Graphic Concrete image or a pattern will create actions that are not premeditated; a sudden impulse to touch, feel, and explore. 

Precisely designed Graphic Concrete can set desired actions in motion. The possibilities are limitless, as you can see in this newsletter. Enjoy!

Lincoln Museum and Library Addition and Renovation, Tennessee

Pavillion Triennale di Milano, Milano

The Provincial Museum of Tornio Valley, Tornio

Kalkparken i Faxe, Faxe

Kochi Castle Museum of History, Kochi

Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping

UPOPOY National AINU Museum and Park, Hokkaido

The Estonian Road Museum, Tallinn

Fortaleza Hall and the Commons SC Johnson Headquarters, Wisconsin